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When you consider giving to The Arts in your community, please consider MONDO Drummers. We are a 501c3 non profit and your support enables us to bring music to so many. We currently face serious equipment and instrument costs – in addition to offering low cost lessons and to bringing music into the community, MONDO also reaches so many through home school programs and summer programs, partnering with Arts 5th Avenue. These classes might find over 17 children in one class. Of course there is going to be wear and tear, and unfortunately it has been dramatic as of late. We face over $500 in drum head replacement, over $300 in shaker and rain stick replacement, and about $350 in replacement and repair of other broken percussion pieces. Many of these instruments were from small communities in Brazil and Mexico, were one of a kind, hand created, and often signed by the artist. MONDO provides these programs for a very low stipend merely to help cover things like utilities. The generosity of our supporters is crucial to MONDO’s survival and to our ability to bring music and cultural education to our community. Please consider supporting MONDO.
You can find our tax information and a link to donate under “Donate to MONDO”.

Thank you. Sincerely.

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Back to Back Winners of Fort Worth Weekly Music Award for Best Jazz, Eddie Dunlap’s The Rage Out ArKesTra announces an End of Summer Celebration!!!

Don’t miss the Last Day of Summer Celebration with The Rage Out ArKesTra, The Nick Earl Trio, and Jeremy Joyce on the last day of summer, Sept 21! Food trucks, fire dancers, sword swallowers…..and The ArKesTra!

Check out the MONDO Drummers Facebook page at  or The Rage Out ArKesTra Facebook page at   for all the details!!!

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Second Fort Worth Weekly Win for MONDO Drummers’ Director Eddie Dunlap’s Rage Out ArKesTra for Best Jazz!

CONGRATULATIONS to MONDO Drummers’ Director Eddie Dunlap and his Rage Out ArKesTra on their SECOND WIN with The Fort Worth Weekly Awards!!!! Second Year, Best Jazz! Two original members of MONDO Drummers play in The ArKesTra along with some of Texas’ best musicians, filling the air with dance-filled vibes of tribal and human beats world jazz everywhere they go.
And…stay tuned for sneak-preview tracks from The ArKesTra Live Recording! …coming soon…

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MONDO is building their Fall Class Schedule, Stay Tuned! Message us if you’d like to create your own class with your friends!

MONDO works with homeschool classes

Contact us for lesson information! On Facebook at The Mondo Drummers, email at, and phone/text 817.832.6378.

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MONDO Drummers!



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Performance Group Evaluation coming soon, Scholarships available!

Join us at MONDO studio and learn to play a djembe, djun djun, tan tan, bongos, or discover something new in our treasure trove of culturally, ethnically, and historically significant instruments.

We are always looking for new students, and also for students to join our performing group and play with us throughout Tarrant County. Scholarship information for fall Performance Group lessons will be announced soon. If your child or a child you know would like to be considered for any of these scholarships, please message us!

As we develop our 2017-2018 classes, we can work what fits your schedule, create a class just for you and your friends, or set up regular private lessons. All instruments are provided at no additional charge. Find us on Facebook at The Mondo Drummers. There you can also see the other members on our staff. You can reach us there on Facebook with messenger, or by email at, or by phone/text 817.832.6378.

Thank you for all that you do.

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