Support MONDO Drummers

When you consider giving to The Arts in your community, please consider MONDO Drummers. We are a 501c3 non profit and your support enables us to bring music to so many. We currently face serious equipment and instrument costs – in addition to offering low cost lessons and to bringing music into the community, MONDO also reaches so many through home school programs and summer programs, partnering with Arts 5th Avenue. These classes might find over 17 children in one class. Of course there is going to be wear and tear, and unfortunately it has been dramatic as of late. We face over $500 in drum head replacement, over $300 in shaker and rain stick replacement, and about $350 in replacement and repair of other broken percussion pieces. Many of these instruments were from small communities in Brazil and Mexico, were one of a kind, hand created, and often signed by the artist. MONDO provides these programs for a very low stipend merely to help cover things like utilities. The generosity of our supporters is crucial to MONDO’s survival and to our ability to bring music and cultural education to our community. Please consider supporting MONDO.
You can find our tax information and a link to donate under “Donate to MONDO”.

Thank you. Sincerely.

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