Therapeutic Music Program

Eddie Dunlap leads the room with smiles and joy in his Therapeutic Music Programs


MONDO Drummers Therapeutic Music Program began in 2009 at Cook Children’s Medical Center as a part of their Creative Arts Program.  Eddie Dunlap brings music and joy to the semi-monthly group drumming sessions on the general pediatric floor, on the cancer isolation floor, and for children receiving out-patient care in the cancer care clinic filling hearts and faces with happiness and healing.  For a small stipend, classes are provided for over 300 children annually.  Research shows that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system, is a release for emotional trauma, and helps control chronic pain.  As mentioned on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas, drumming also helps patients tap into something other than medicine to help them heal.  Some patients schedule their treatments when MONDO is at Cooks so they can play drums.  It is dosumented that through artistic expression hospitalized children cope better and heal faster.

Free semi-monthly classes are also provided for the 60 students at the Jo Kelly School.  Our goal at Jo Kelly is to use “Therapeutic Music Improvisation” as a means of building verbal and communication skills and social-emotional communication. The Jo Kelly School is part of the Fort Worth ISD and serves medically fragile students who have multiple severe/profound disabilities and are both non-verbal and non-ambulatory.  Jo Kelly’s therapists say many students respond to the sound of the drums when nothing else seems to work.  These therapeutic music sessions help the children develop pre-verbal dialogue, build strength, and improve motor skills.  Free semi-monthly therapeutic music classes are also provided for the 45 Down syndrome students at the Green Oaks School, for 70 students at the Wedgwood Academy, and for 40 students with learning differences at the Fourth Street School.  Our ”Colonel Drumsticks” program for the students of The Green Oaks School helps to build communication skills, improves mobility, and increases self-esteem.  Added to the program in 2010 the Fourth Street School teaches students PK through 8th grade, challenged with learning, social, emotional or behavioral difficulties.  The Wedgwood Academy is a small school for children grades K through 12 who have a range of challenges, including autism, Down’s syndrome, ADD, Dyslexia, and emotional problems.  At the Wedgwood Academy and the Fourth Street School drumming reduces stress, helps students to work together as a team, and improves conflict resolution skills.  We see that through artistic expression the children communicate better, and resolve conflicts more rapidly.  With your help we can convert the hospitals and schools where we teach into environments of inspiration and encouragement through the power of music.

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